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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 25, 2012 1:00am-2:00am EDT

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>> that was easy. >> senator scott brown, thank you very much. >> everybody knows full well my passion about defeating barack obama. >> camera two. >> enough is enough. >> the killing of stray von martin. -- trayvon martin. the latest, a call for vigilante justice. >> we want justice! we want justice. >> 30 seconds. >> science and justice, a new law offering new hope for crime victims. >> this is truly amazing. science doesn't lie. >> all that and more right here, right now on cnn. >> hello, everyone. i'm don lemon. thank you for joining us. i'd like to welcome our viewers
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from around the world tonight. breaking political news, the republican race for the white house, cnn projects that rick santorum has won the louisiana presidential primary giving the former pennsylvania senator another victory in the south. our tom foreman is in washington. joe johns is in new orleans. crystal wright is a d.c. delegate for newt gingrich also in d.c. and we're monitoring rick santorum in green bay, wisconsin to see if he speaks live in just a moment. let's get to our tom foreman. he's been tracking the exit poll data all evening for us. tom, what can you tell us about rick santorum's win? you have been monitoring all the metrics here. we have seen you standing at the magic walls. so we want to get to our tom foreman and to tell you again, we are monitoring again green bay, wisconsin. rick santorum standing by. tom, what do you know? >> we know one thing that made a difference tonight is the religious vote. if we look at the turnout here, you look at the voters that came
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out, those born again or evangelical christians, 60% and they went heavily for rick santorum as they have before. 60 to 21% according to the exit polls. look at the ones who weren't born again or evangelical, 41 to 36% for santorum. romney edged him out but not by a big margin. and when you look over here, religious believes of candidates matter. mitt romney wins here among those that say it doesn't matter much but look at the numbers, relatively small group, 14% compared to 42%. and rick santorum handily wins that. the truth is this was natural territory for rick santorum. let me show you why. always hear people talk about the bible belt. this is a map of evangelicals in the united states. the dark brown is most of them. when they talk about the bible
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belt it is that area right there. if we take it to louisiana, you can see why this is rick santorum territory. this section down here is where you will get the bigger part of the catholic part of the state. if you visit new orleans or something like that you may have the impression that catholics dominate the state. they are the largest christian group in the state but if you add up protestants they are close to the same level. the simple truth is by having this going, rick santorum was able to get a very important state here, you know why it is important? because this bridges him to may. in april he will go to a series of states where theo religious influence doesn't play the same as it does in louisiana that is strongly religious. if you get through may in to april, then he gets places like arkansas, kentucky and other
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states where he may be able to play texas which is religious support a lot and might bring him support, as it did in louisiana. >> he moves beyond the bible belt now. thank you, tom foreman. great stuff. real quickly if we can go to green bay, wisconsin. we are monitoring. rick santorum will be speaking shortly. he is doing introductions now. we will listen in just a moment. but first to joe johns who's been covering the louisiana primary for us all week. he is joining us from new orleans. as we see rick santorum getting ready this, we will take him shortly. what can you tell us about voter turn out there? >> voter turnout was thought not to be very strong. it is probably because people didn't have time to establish a connection with the candidates. i want to read you part of the statement that the santorum campaign just put out. they call this a vindication of rick santorum. this is from hogan -- the
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national communications director of the campaign. he said there is no other way to interpret tonight's results but as a vindication of rick santorum's consistent conservative message of strengthening the nation based on founding values. louisiana voters, the statement says, overwhelmingly rejected mitt romney's to push the reset button. the conservative movement it says is excited by the results and snand the face of the media and the establishments declaration that they have fall in line with a moderate from massachusetts. they say they thank the voters of louisiana and they are looking forward to bringing their message on. so louisiana is if nothing else bragging rights and santorum can call it a momentum builder. the question is how many delegates you get because that's
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the bottom line. the most any candidate could get is 20 delegates. >> that's what i want to ask you. another southern state victory for him but how big of a win in the big picture here? >> well, that's the thing. you talk about momentum. you talk about something that helps you build going forward, the next big test are in places like pennsylvania, his home state. tonight he is actually out in wisconsin. that is a huge test for rick santorum out there. interestingly enough he was leading in the polls until the last week and then there was one poll that came out suggesting he was down by double-digits to mitt romney. perhaps something was happening out there. i have to point out in wisconsin newt gingrich has high hopes for wisconsin, too. because his wife calista gingrich is from wisconsin. that will be an interesting
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race,able especially to see if santorum can build on the momentum we assume he has gotten 0 coming out of louisiana. >> introduction is over. green bay, wisconsin. listen to rick santorum a bit. >> i want to thank you. i have spent the day up here in wisconsin i'm excited to be here on the next battleground of the race. we were down the road at lambeau field walking the field of champions and throwing a little football around there and down bowling with the folks in wisconsin. i don't want to brag but i did roll three strikes in a row. i just wanted to say that. >> yeah!
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it has been a strong day on the campaign. we have been having a great time with the people here and we will enjoy it. we are here to fight and say that if you are looking for someone who can match up and defeat barack obama in this election, someone who can take it to the president make him the issue in the campaign, stand up for the principles that made this country great. the people of louisiana sent a loud and clear message. this race is long and far from over and the people from wisconsin i just say to you, on wisconsin. let's get it done. thank you. >> rick santorum, green bay, wisconsin, looking forward to. that louisiana he said he is a winner. three strikes in a row he said he bowled today. he has been a man of the people. a strong day according to him. let's get more insight. crystal writ is joining us.
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she is a d.c. delegate for newt gingrich. crystal, what do you think of rick santorum's win? did he hit another strike tonight? all i can do is laugh at his win in louisiana and joe johns pointed out that it is only 20 delegates at stake. the delegates are awarded proportionately. so while mr. santorum would like to believe that this is a game changer for him, he was expected to win in louisiana, and he continues to win among evangelical christians, but that is not going to be enough for him to take this ball and run with it and make a strike and become the nominee. the math is not there, and the voters are not there for him across all groups. >> what our mark preston said is that it's mathematically possible but not probable for rick santorum. let's talk about romney now. he's still having trouble winning votes among southerners
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and religious conservatives. could this be a big problem if he wins the nomination? he'll need those votes badly in november in the general. >> well, what we see is in illinois recently that romney is winning among catholic voters. so romney is actually more and more sealing the deal, winning across more groups than rick santorum. women, men, working class vote he got in illinois. he's really proven that, i believe, republicans, conservatives, tea party folks, he won those groups in illinois, and the latest gallup poll shows that 40% of conservatives are now rallying behind romney and only 20% are going for rick santorum. that's because rick santorum is fixated on wedge social issues. i think we heard from ann romney before when she did the interview with piers morgan that when she's on the road, women come up to her and say ann, it's
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the economy, stupid. that's what i'm worried about. i want you to fix it. this is real. i think rick santorum is living in an illusion. >> that plays well down south in the bible belt, as our tom foreman pointed out as well. but i said you're a delegate for newt gingrich, right? >> i am. >> do you see him staying in the race much longer? and listen, be honest, because you're saying -- you have said to me it is mathematically, according to you, not there for rick santorum. so i would imagine that it's mathematically even more not there for newt gingrich. how much longer can he stay in this race, honestly, delegate for newt gingrich? >> don, i'm always honest. just because i'm a newt delegate does not mean that i'm not a realist. newt has only won 2 of the 28 contests now, almost 30. so he has proven that he's a one-trick pony in the south. he won south carolina and
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georgia and that does not a gop make. i'm frustrated. i think newt is the best candidate. with the best message. he is talking about the right things, getting the economy back on track. but organization and fund-raising does matter and he's fallen woefully short. >> we have to run. but since you say you are miss honesty, as a newt delegate, do you think he should get out right now and that he is hurting the real nominee's chance? >> i think more and more pressure will be put on newt to step aside. >> don't avoid my question. >> i think more pressure will be put on newt. i cannot speak for when the speaker feels is the right time for him to step out of the race. >> do you think he should, you personally? >> i think at a certain point, and it's going to be in the near term, rather than the long-term, that newt gingrich is going to have to step aside, because he's only won two contests. the delegates aren't there for him and he's going to go down
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looking like a spoiler. >> yes, you answered the question. thank you very much, crystal wright, that black we appreciate you joining us and your honesty. former vice president dick cheney says he'll be forever grateful for the heart donation keeping him alive. he received a heart transplant today. he has a long history of cardiovascular issues and has survived five heart attacks. mark, what do we know right now about his condition? >> reporter: today he had that heart transplant and in fact, is recovering right now in the suburban washington, d.c. hospital after undergoing it. he is in intensive care, which should be no surprise and he's had a history of heart problems, dating back to when he was 37 years old. 1978 he had his first heart attack. he had four more after that. so right now, he's recovering in a suburban washington, d.c. hospital. >> was the public even aware that he was waiting for a transplant?
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>> you know, there had been a lot of speculation about whether the former vice president would be on the transplant list. a lot of talk about that. we didn't know it officially. but we have learned from his office tonight that he's been on the cardiac list for more than 20 months. so he's been on the list and they felt that he was up for it and he had that surgery. >> an anonymous donor, correct? >> anonymous donor and the family says they don't know who the donor is, but they are very grateful as one would expect, that in fact he has received this heart for this transplant. >> mark preston, thank you very much. appreciate it. more to cover on cnn. a story that's on so many minds, the killing of trayvon martin, and the intensifying anger it's sparked across the nation. now there's outrage over a bounty being offered. >> we want justice! we want justice! >> we want justice! we want justice! >> we're going to go live to florida to hear from members of
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now to the story that's captured america. he was 17. his whole life ahead of him. but a gunshot ended everything in a blink. now the family of trayvon martin is planning a civil lawsuit in the case. their attorney says they will sue the homeowner's association in the neighborhood where george zimmerman says he shot martin in self-defense. zimmerman's part of the neighborhood watch there in sanford, florida. martin's attorney says bringing federal hate crime charges could be tough but he's more optimistic about state charges. police haven't even arrested zimmerman. fury is building over the killing of trayvon martin. but at what point does the outrage tip over into vigilante justice? >> we want justice! we want justice! we want justice! we want justice! >> members of the radical new black panther party are offering a $10,000 bounty for the capture of martin's shooter, george zimmerman.
1:19 am
zimmerman has been staying out of sight, but he is not on the run. a national spokesman for the panthers denies this is a call to violence. >> george zimmerman should have followed the police instructions and stayed in his car and he shouldn't have took trayvon's life. >> do you feel that you're inciting violence by doing this and that may be a possibility from your actions? >> no, we're not. we're doing what american citizens have been doing for many years, we're doing a citizen's arrest. >> the new black panthers bring a volatile presence to an already explosive situation. take a look at this wanted poster on the group's website. nationwide, the new panthers claim to have thousands of members but offer no exact numbers. they're a black separatist group that believes black america should have their own nation. some believe they are a hate group. and call them a racist, anti-semitic organization. the original black panthers who were active in the '60s and '70s reject them and their ideas.
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>> no justice, no peace! no justice, no peace! >> arrest zimmerman now. >> anger over the trayvon martin killing in cities across the nation. protesters are demanding the arrest of george zimmerman. this demonstration in los angeles is one of many from coast to coast. the reverend al sharpton also led a rally in new york city. zimmerman told police he acted in self-defense. the only weapon involved was his, trayvon martin wasn't armed. when zimmerman saw him walking around, he started following him. moments later, martin was dead. there's been a lot of talk about florida's stand your ground law in this case. it allows someone to use deadly force any time they have a reasonable fear that an assailant could harm them or someone else. the man who signed that law, former governor jeb bush, doesn't think it applies in this case. zimmerman's lawyer agrees. he says it's a matter of self-defense.
1:21 am
the sanford, florida community is in the national spotlight right now. not a comfortable place for them to be in a story like this. we wanted to give people there a chance to share their thoughts about the trayvon martin case in their own words. our george howell is standing by with people who live and work in sanford. george, what are they saying? >> reporter: the fact that george zimmerman was not arrested on that night sparked a nerve across the country. specifically here in sanford, with the african-american community, many say there's a long history of distrust -- or mistrust rather with the police department. just a few hours ago, we had a few people here, people who came together, many who were at the rallies here. you were all at the rally yourself. i want to start with laura booker. laura, you were in the news here in orlando specifically because of something that happened to you when you got an an empty bus here baul because of bullying with your daughter. what happened? >> i got on an empty school bus to speak with the driver about
1:22 am
my daughter being bullied and i was arrested fortress passing on -- arrested for trespassing on school grounds and violence. >> but you say you beat the case? >> yes. but 45 officers took me to the ground and took me to jail. what i don't understand is how you can arrest a mother protecting her mother from being bullied but you can't arrest george zimmerman for murdering a child. justice is needed. >> thank you. >> caleb, you're brave enough to be here. thank you for being part of this with us. mark, i wanted to ask you, as well. what are your thoughts and the police department here, do you feel that there is mistrust here? >> i mean, i think there can be some mistrust there. but it goes beyond that in reference of mistrust and the situation. i think that it's definitely dealing with how they handled the case itself, knowing some of the facts that we know now. maybe there's more facts to it.
1:23 am
but from the facts we have gained so far think there should have been an arrest. and if you look at the cry from the citizens of sanford, that's what it's for, it's for an arrest in this case. again, we are coming together as families, just to, you know, honor the death of trayvon, as well as the support of their family. i know as a dad myself, and living in a gated community, this is the last thing i would like to see happen for our family. you know, i just give my support to trayvon's family. >> reporter: thank you for chatting with us. really from the panel that we had, don, just a few hours ago, that seemed to be the resounding message, that there needs to be an improved trust between the police department and the community, don. >> george zimmerman, sanford, florida -- excuse me, george howell in sanford, florida. forgive me for that.
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being a mom already a pretty tough job, but imagine the difficult conversations black mothers are having with their sons in the wake of the death of trayvon martin. joining me here in the studio are natalie brown and her son, nicholas. and mom, dewetta west. thank you all for joining us, as well. we appreciate you coming back. miss brown, what did you say to your son when you heard about trayvon's death? >> well, we talked about it. i told him this is something that shouldn't have happened.
1:27 am
he said, why is someone attacking him? i said we don't know the full story but soon we will? >> mrs. west, your son gave you a letter that he wrote. can you share a small portion? >> sure, i would love to. my son phillip, he's 22 years old. the letter reads, what is justice? what is peace? can you tell me? the case has caused me to lose thet the little bit of faith that i have had in this justice system. how does a man walk free from a murder when there's evidence to prove that it was more than self-defense. man, i don't know how i should think, but i do know one thing. if that was my brother, cousin, nephew or son, good old mr. zimmerman wouldn't have made it to that prison or courthouse for that matter. but of course that would have
1:28 am
caused more problems. so if earthly justice won't prevail, then it's in god's hands. truthfully it already is. and he said, i'm done. >> getting it off of his chest. >> yeah, he got it off of his chest. >> do you relate this to the killing of trayvon martin? >> what do you mean relate? >> do you understand it? he's a young man. you are a young man and everyone is saying around the country it could happen to anyone but especially young men of color. >> yes, sir. >> do you understand? >> yes, sir. >> are you doing anything differently now -- i understand understand you won't wear a hooded sweatshirt? >> yes, sir. >> why not. >> because i feel as though the same thing could happen to me because i'm wearing a hoodie walking down the street or jogging with my friends and because i'm colored, that i could be attacked or murdered.
1:29 am
>> you were telling me about your son and he was young and someone referred to him as black and he was really upset. tell me about that and why did it upset him? >> i never sat down and said, well, we are african-american and they will call us black. he went around calling himself tan and anybody from another color was peach. it was around, february, so it was black history month and his teacher, who is hispanic, she said, well, you are black and i'm considered hispanic and he said, no, black is the color of this crayon. i'm not black. and he came home crying and i said yeah, we are considered black. >> how did you explain it? i'm sure this was more. >> this was more. we sat down and i said we are african-americans and in those times we were called color and you will hear other names but you don't want to -- >> i think it is more interesting, it is a mixed
1:30 am
family, correct. are your children biracial. >> no, but throughout our family we have white, indian. it's everybody. we didn't do the he's black, he's white. we're all family. >> what's your concern most about the story and having a son and young black males in this country? >> my concern is it feels like our young black men are being set up as target practice. they have no respect -- not that they should have a respect and say that one is less educated than the oh they should shoot them but i know many mothers who i have had conversations with and myself, with my son, that my husband heard recently. he was talking out of wal-mart toward his car. there was a car parked next to him with a caucasian family. he was walking to his car and when they saw him coming to his car, they jumped in the car and locked the door. he was like really, and got in
1:31 am
his car. it's those types of things that are really -- i'm fearful for him. because even though he's a big dude and looks like he could defend himself it is that we started early in life to let him know that you are a great person. you are special. you are going to do great things, but someone, somebodies will choose someone else over you. >> miss west, miss brown, nicholas, thank you all. good luck. we appreciate you joining us. >> you are welcome. >> in 20 minutes the conversation will continue. you will hear more about the advice these moms are given their sons. it is just past the hour so we want to look at the day's other big stories. let's check the headlines right now. a new win down south for santorum. cnn projects hiez the winner of the louisiana presidential primary. he told a crown in wisconsin the gop race is far from over. santorum will pick up 8 of the 20 delegates at least that are
1:32 am
up for grabs but is far behind in the overall race for his party's nomination. tea partiers rallied in washington, urging the repeal of health care reform law widely known as obamacare. friday marked the second anniversary. next week the supreme court will hear oral arguments on whether the law is constitutional. a ruling isn't expected for months, but it will likely come in the midst of the presidential campaign. a horrible tragedy in west virginia. eight people including six children under the age of 8 died in a house fire in charleston. the only surviving child is on life support. investigator say the two-story wooden home only had one working smoke detector. the fire chief called it the most tragic event in his 26 years with the department. new york governor como says a bill in to law that expands an intrusive method to catch criminals. [ artis brown ] america is facing some tough challenges right now.
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new york is now an all crimes dna state. that means dna is collected from anyone convicted of a crime, including most misdemeanors. civil libertarians say the new law goes too far and isn't regulated enough. had the law been in effect earlier, one woman says the man who attacked and tried to rape her would have been jailed sooner. here's susan candiotti. >> reporter: jessica is wise beyond her years in ways she
1:36 am
wishes she wasn't. eight queers ago, she was brutally attacked in her apartment building, just 15 years old at the time. she recalls every detail vividly. >> the first thing he did, he punched me in my face and threw me against the wall. >> reporter: did you say, please don't kill me? >> yeah. there was blood everywhere. like coming from my face. i was asking don't kill me. >> reporter: the attempted rape left jessica with a scar on her lip and her psyche. her attacker wasn't caught. >> he could be living in another country, he will never be caught and for all i know he could be behind me. >> reporter: that fear never left you? >> no. >> reporter: out of the blue a break. >> six years later, the individual who committed the 2004 case, was charged, indicted and convicted for an attempted burglary and robbery of a gentleman in manhattan. >> reporter: curtis tucker's dna
1:37 am
was put in a database for felons. it matched the crime scene of jessica's incident but the law could have caught tucker six years earlier. now dna of anyone convicted of a crime, including most misdemeanors, even as minor as jumping a subway turnstile goes to a state database. jessica's attacker had a string of misdemeanors. >> the disturbing point was to learn in the six years he had been in and out of our courthouse having been arrested and convicted of misdemeanor offenses, which were not eligible for dna collection. >> reporter: under the new law they are. civil libertarians say the expanded database lacks oversight leading to mistakes and abuse. the innocence project says the law doesn't go far enough. >> if you want to prevent wrongful convictions you need to
1:38 am
enact witness i.d. reform, improve forensic practice, record interrogations to identify false confessions understand what is happening with informant testimony and things like that. >> reporter: jessica wishes the new law had been passed sooner. >> this is amazing. science doesn't lie. it finally brought me peace. >> reporter: peace she hopes now can come to other crime victims. susan candiotti, cnn, new york. prosecutors and other supporters the dna law say they expect the $30 test to solve thousands of crimes and prevent thousands more. do you know someone who deserves the title hero? cnn is looking for extraordinary people who put others first. if you know someone like that, stay tuned to find out how to nominate them to be a cnn hero.
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our year round campaign to honor everyday people who are changing the world begins with you. nominate them at and give them a chance to expand their life-changing work helping others. here's anderson cooper to show you how. >> tonight, we gather to honor the best that humanity has to offer. >> if you join us, we will be unstoppable. >> cnn heros is looking for everyday people who are changing the world. how do we find these extraordinary people? well, with your help. you can nominate someone right now at maybe your hero is defending the planet by protecting the
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nominate someone deserving today. >> thank you for this incredible honor. this has been the greatest night of my life. [ applause ] >> up next on cnn, what the wife op 0 an american old soldier accused of killing 17 people in afghanistan is doing to help her husband and concerned african-american moms talk to me about protecting their sons from dying early like trayvon martin. not financially. so we switched to the bargain detergent but i found myself using three times more than you're supposed to and the clothes still weren't as clean as with tide. so we're back to tide. they're cuter in clean clothes. thanks, honey. yeah. you suck at folding. [ laughs ] [ female announcer ] just one dose of tide original liquid helps remove food stains better than an entire 40 load bottle of the leading liquid bargain brand. that's my tide. what's yours? top quality lobster is all we catch.
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checking the headlines around the world and here in the united states. the wife of the american soldier accused of killing 17 people in afghanistan has established a legal defense fund. staff sergeant bales could face the death penalty if convicted of the deadly rampage in kandahar province. he is being held in a prison in fort leavenworth. his wife said the fund will appeal to donors who believe that everyone in america is entitled to a free trial. 5,000 troops will join the search for kony. he is wanted for war crimes by the international criminal court. the lra has terrorized uganda and neighboring nations for more than two decades. an important development in
1:47 am
the fighting across syria today. top military defector says the rebel groups are uniting under the free syrian army. that would end a key concern that rebel groups are disjointed and can't fight effectively. 54 people at least were killed by government troops half in the city of homs where government forces continued their fierce shelling. president obama has arrived in south korea for a two-day summit on nuclear security. 54 leaders from around the world are expected to attend the talks. they will focus on how to save guard nuclear material. tomorrow for the first time the president is scheduled to visit the demilitaritized zone separating north and south korea. pope benedict xvi is enjoying a warm welcome in new mexico. saturday was day two of his six-day swing through mexico and cuba. tomorrow he will celebrate mass in bicentennial park.
1:48 am
he discussed the drug violence in mexico and said the catholic church should work against this evil which is destructive against mankind. concerned black mothers is a group that caught our attention in the light of the trayvon martin killing. next, we hear what these mothers are telling their sons about how to survive in america today. but first a preview of what is coming up on cnn newsroom with fredricka whitfield. >> join me sunday afternoon in a cnn newsroom as one american family fights back against post-traumatic stress disorder. they lost their son, a young soldier with a promising future he went to war and came home a different man. what they are doing to protect more families from that heart brake. that's storm afternoon here in the newsroom. don? >> all right. we will be watching. thank you. we're back right after this. [ man ] ring ring... progresso
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will be giving away passafree copies of the alcoholism & addiction cure. to get yours, go to trayvon martin conversation continues straight from the moms who live in day in and out. how have they shared their concerns with their sons? i spoke to natalie brown and her sonic las and mom detta west. what went through your head when you heard about the trayvon martin killing. >> i thought of my son. after seeing the pictures on the internet of trayvon martin. i thought he was a 14-year-old child not knowing he was 17.
1:52 am
my first reaction was to speak to my son and tell him that things like this does happen in life and we don't know how to prevent it. but sometimes they look at the way we dress, the way we walk, what we do and we don't want that to happen. we want that to stop. >> nicholas, do you understand the conversation with your mom? how did you handle it? do you live it? if you happen to be in this situation, i imagine it would be tough to follow every single thing she said in your head? >> yeah. i listen and, you know, i just follow my mom's wishes so i don't end up with this happening to me. >> what did you think when you heard about this? >> at first, i thought like how could this happen to an innocent boy just walking? he didn't do nothing wrong. being his skin color is brown he had to get shot, killed for no reason.
1:53 am
>> we started these conversations, my husband and i with our son at an early age and not to the point of being blatant. we kind of skirted around it by building him up by speaking words of wisdom like you are somebody. you are going to be the best. you are going to be great without really calling the race card or going to that place. we wanted our son to grow up in a place where he would know that he is somebody and he's special, but as he grew older we had to kind of go in to that place like, you know what, you are different. check it out, son and avoid confrontations. when you start driving don't reach quickly to your glove compartment if you get a speeding ticket. >> yes, ma'am, yes, sir. my parents had the talk with mechl i don't have kids so i haven't had an opportunity have that talk but my family did fairly well and it is where did you get the fancy car, boy. why are you driving this car?
1:54 am
sometimes i would have to leave the car this and walk home until they figured out what happened. former vice president dick cheney undergoes heart surgery. we will have the latest after the break. oil sands projects, like kearl, and the keystone pipeline will provide secure and reliable energy to the united states. over the coming years, projects like these could create more than half a million jobs in the us alone. from the canadian border, through the mid west, to the gulf coast. benefiting hundreds of thousands of families throughout the country. this is just what our economy needs right now. this reduced sodium soup says it may help lower cholesterol, how does it work? you just have to eat it as part of your heart healthy diet. step 1. eat the soup. all those veggies and beans, that's what may help lower your cholesterol and -- well that's easy [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. monarch of marketing analysis. with the ability to improve roi through seo all by cob.
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let's check your headlines. santorum claims victory in louisiana. cnn projects he's the winner of the state's presidential primary with 86% reporting. campaigning in wisconsin tonight he said the republican race has
1:57 am
a long way to go. santorum will pick up at least 8 of the 20 delegates that were up for grabs in louisiana but is far behind mitt romney in the overall race for the nom no nomination. dick cheney is recovering from a heart transplant. the former vice president waited 20 months for a transplant. he has a long history of cardiovascular issues and survived five heart attacks. he is in intensive care unit of a hospital in falls church, virginia. in space, the crew of the international space station took emergency precautions on saturday. they jumped in to their escape capsules when a hunk of space junk got too close for comfort. there was a slight chance debris could have hit the space station. it didn't. it passed by and it cleared. all clear was issue cse issued . protesters are rallying in cities across the u.s. this weekend. they are demanding justice for
1:58 am
the death of trayvon martin and demanding the prosecution of the shooter george zimmerman. here's the voices from the demonstrations? >> justice for trayvon! >> he hoodie is a symbol in this protest, but this is not about a hoodie crime. this is about a hate crime. >> to be young, black and male is to be a criminal basically now days. and that's what george zimmerman saw when he saw a young man walking down the street with skittles. >> no justice no peace! >> the stand your ground law is to protect people. >> it appears, to me, that this law does not apply to this particular circumstance. stand your ground means stand your ground. it doesn't mean chase after somebody who's turned their back. >> arrest zimmerman now!
1:59 am
arrest zimmerman now! >> talking about the stand your ground law. >> i want kids to walk around and feel free and feel they are safe and not going to be persecuted by anybody. >> it's not a race issue. it's a human rights issue. everybody here, if you look in the crowd, everybody's here of different races, shapes, size and colors and it is beautiful to see people come together to support a cause like this. >> when you get tired and say i can't do it anymore, think of trayvon. >> you hear the stuff so much you chock it up to statistics. another young man got killed and somebody's running free. but once it became a phenomenon i sat back and realized how revolutionary it is. >> stay peaceful. continue to protest if you want


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